Our Misson

A community built to foster a peaceful yogic lifestyle. We seek to provide a safe haven for those who want to live a life in accordance with nature and love.

Practicing daily sadhana and living among those that want to live a peaceful life.

For us living peacefully also means living in harmony with nature and caring for mother earth. A permaculture eco-farm, Peace Temple Gardens, is being established that will share its bounty with the needy in our community and provide a safe place for people in the community come learn about sustainable living and encouraging other to establish their own gardens.

We will hold weekly and maybe even daily services for those in our community that want to come practice yoga and meditation, kirtan, and other devotional practices to attune us to our highest nature.

Members of the Peace Temple will go out into the community and conduct yoga, meditation, natural health, and sustainable living classes.

The Peace Temple is establishing the website AMillionYogis.org to bring together people interested in bringing peaceful practices in their community.

We hope to use AMillionYogis.org as a means of connecting Yogis and Meditation practitioners all across the country to come together and facilitate a conversation of peaceful change outside of the distractions of mainstream social media platforms. AMillionYogis.org will schedule global mediations and fund-raise to provide grants to teachers wanting to establish meditation and yoga classes in undeserved communities as well as sponsor Peace Festivals in communities across the nation.

The Peace Temple will be physically located in Northeast Florida, on sacred Native American soil, we will be a base for fostering peaceful events, classes, and change around the world.

Please see our schedule for services, classes and events.

If you are interested in living here please contact us to discuss.

Peace to All, Light to All, and Love to All!