Our Story

We are advocates of peace, holding space to help each other find true peace within, which ultimately manifests outward. We don’t subscribe to one tenet or one tradition- rather seeking the universal truths that run through all traditions and paths. We seek to cultivate an awareness of the divine in all people, all things, all of creation- ultimately realizing that all is one.

We hold meditation gatherings, yoga, chanting, satsang and community building. We provide food to those in need and we put service before self. No one is perfect- just the constant observation of our actions and willingness to be open and honest about our shortcomings helps keep us oriented on the path of knowing the divine.

If you feel called to be a part of this mission then please join us. Donations help further the cause, provide a gathering place, provide food, and get the word out, but a donation is not required by anyone seeking to gather with us.

Serving the Community


Creating Community